Collin Stolpa

Software / DevOps Engineer

About Me

Goal driven individual who is eager to expand and maintain their knowledge in the tools and culture of DevOps practices. I am an outgoing person who is very personable and team oriented. I consider myself a charismatic and proactive quick learner, who pays close attention to detail.

My Knowledge Level in software

coding away


Below are abilities that I would classify myself with

Works Everywhere

Happy to work remotley. Also I am willing to relocate

Always available

I am quick to answer any questions, and solve problems when they arrive

Team Player

I work best with others on projects big and small.

Problem Solver

I like solving problems


I like to run marathons and compete in obstacle course races.


I have always been a go getter for presenting on demos and upcoming topics within the industry.

Professional History


University Of Wisconsin Whitewater

Bachelors Degree: Computer Science
Minor: Web Development

Club President of Paintball team.

Arrowhead Highschool


Articles and How To's

The Future of FinTech: Implications of 5G for Financial Services

July 2021

Manmeet Singh, Mani Singh and Collin Stolpa, FIS

How 5G could be implemented at FIS Link to original Article

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Applied Quantum Optimization in Payment Fraud Detection White Paper

March 2021

Manmeet Singh, Mani Singh and Collin Stolpa, FIS

An article about Quantum Optimization and how it could be implemented with Amazon Braket to detect Fraud in Payments. Link to original Article

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Video on the success of Operation Joined Arrows

October 2022

Collin Stolpa, FIS

A video about the success of Operation Joined Arrows and the massive implementation of CI CD into FIS

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What it's like to Train for a Marathon

May 2021

Collin Stolpa

The training, preparation, and experience of running a marathon.

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How to use Git

March 2021

Collin Stolpa

How to use git and gitflow for DevOps CI/CD pipelines.

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Creating a Community of Practice (CoP)

November 2022

Collin Stolpa

The SAFe implementation of a Community of practice and the things that work to keep the community engaged and participating,

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Creating the architecture of a CI-CD pipeline.

December 2022

Collin Stolpa

The things to document and implement to get a CI/CD pipeline created at scale.

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How to make Chicken Alfredo

March 2021

Collin Stolpa

The one true way to actually make chicken alfredo.

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How to spend your day watching Youtube while getting everything and nothing done at the same time.

January 2023

My stoned lazy ass

The only reason I would write this would be to point out the fact that I love video games, cool science, math and technology videos and not getting things done in a timely manner.

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